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Walnut Creek, CA


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Kim Turnbull DC


The best pillow I have ever had.  I have been sleeping on another manufacturers buckwheat pillow for a month or so now, and I am about to switch over to yours. Thank you for a superior product.


JaCo Distributors - Concord, CA

We have received nothing but positive feedback. Our clientle are primarily health care physicians whom rely on good quality and durable pillows which fits the bill for American Holistic Products.  Not only are they good quality but it is also a pleasure to work with the owner and I would recommend these pillows to everyone.


Lafayette Chiropractic Group - Robin Alexander D.C. - Lafayette, CA

These are high quality buckwheat pillows for myself and patients. The neck roll (cervical) is exceptionally effective in lower cervical disc syndromes, reducing and eliminating related arm and shoulder pain.  The larger pillows are good for side or back sleepers to maintain alignment.


JV Chiropractic - Walnut Creek, CA

I never thought in a million years there was a pillow as good as yours!  What a wonderful alternative to the typical foam and pillow products I have been using for years in my practice.  I am now highly recommending it to all my patients and telling all my friends about this amazing new product on the market.


Edward Lipp, Jr. M.D. F.A.C.S. Limited / Orthopedic Surgery - Hawaii

I have utilized this type of pillow for many years and realize that it has excellent therapeutic value in the treatment of several cervical disorders.  Effective in the treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease with assosciated severe cervical pain and headaches.  This is truly a therapeutic pillow.


Randall Takehara, DDS - Hawaii

We have been using your cervical pillow as a neck support for our patients while they are receiving dental care in our office and have received many compliments from them concerning the added comfort.


Kimberly Schain, D.C. - Canoga Park, CA

I have been using your pillows and want to tell you I am very impressed with the product.  The pillow is more supportive to the neck, holding the lordotic curvature more firmly as well as being more comfortable to the patient.  The size of the pillow is smaller than other ordinary chemically treated ones making it easier to store and use. The useable life of the pillow far exceeds other cervical pillows.  Overall, the pillow is more attractive and patient compliance is greatly improved.


Carole Mulford, R.N. - Hawaii

I purchased one of your therapeutic pillows and found it so much better to sleep with than the foam cervical pillow I had been using.  I am prone to getting a lot of tension in my neck and tension headaches.  But since using your pillow, I have not had one headache and my neck doesn't seem to get knotted up like it use to.


Victor Young

The pillow has helped me achieve a comfort level and peaceful sleep that reflects in my overall energy and health.  Thank you


Century Chiropractic Clinic - Robert Harrison D.C.

This is to express supreme satisfaction with your products.  These pillows are without a doubt, the most effective cervical pillow on the market today.

The all natural and organic materials from which the pillows are made allow for proper air ventilation while the buckwheat hulls are capable of adjusting to a wide variety of neck sizes.  The freezer effect is quite beneficial with an acute neck in need of cryotherapy while receiving proper biomechanical suuport.


Ellen Potoff, D.C., N.D.  - Martinez, CA

I want to thank you for your lovely buckwheat hull pillows.  They sold really quickly as the word about them got out!  Most all who originally purchased them just love them.  Some family members found other applications for them that were more efective than using them as bed pillows.