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neck buckwheat wrapper




The Wrapper is a soothing health product for everyone. The special effects alternating from using hot or cold are simply amazing.   Our Wrappers combine rice, herbs, essential oils either lavender or eucalyptus.  The wrapper comes with an outer flannel cover that is removable for washing. With continuous use, the therapeutic effects and benefits are marvelous. The Wrapper can be put into the microwave for 3 min on high to administer heat to any area for 30 minutes.  In reverse, the wrapper can be placed in the freezer for colder healing benefits and will stay cold over 30 min. These are used by health professionals as immediate results are experienced.


Every person can benefit from this most amazing and comfortably ergonomic device designed specifically for the cervical curve of the neck.  These will allow/releasing of tight muscles in the back of the neck toward a more natural curve through continuous use and support.  They are highly recommended for the medical professions, massage therapists, estheticians, physical therapists, spas, dentists, hotels, retail stores, catalogs and made in the U.S.A.  The cervical has a multitude of uses as it is compact, light weight,  easy to travel.  The more therapeutic use is to lie down on the back and adjust around the curve of the neck.  The Standard Cervical can also be put in the freezer for a cool application but not too often in the Microwave (not recommended as it is organic), 100% cotton, and hypo-allergenic.

deluxe buckwheat pillow

These are the cream de la crop preferred over any other kind of sleeping product for its healing benefits.  These are so overwhelmingly popular but hard to find and everyone is looking for that perfet pillow.  Ours are exceptional, giving the right support every time.  Side sleepers love the deluxe bed sleeping pillow as you can pull the pillow into the neck and shoulder area to obtain a contour effect and adjust for comfort.  The beauty of these pillows is they move with you while sleeping and move into areas that your present pillow cannot. A nice alternative to traditional poly/cotton or temperpedic pillows that use chemicals and synthetic additives. Our products are distributed world wide because they give results and used by medical, alternative, massage, acupuncture, esthetician, orthpeadics and many retail stores.  





American Holistic Products is proud to introduce are newest buckwheat pillow, "The Mini" or Traveler".  This pillow is a little bit smaller and lighter than our standard cervical pillow and primarily use for those who are on the go and want a smaller pillow while traveling in the car or airplane.  Our traveler pillow is also ideal for those people both men and women who have wider diameter necks and for children with smaller necks.  This pillow is a beautiful compliment to our standard cervical pillow or deluxe bed sleeping pillow.

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